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“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is everything but animated – The Foothill Dragon Press

When you check into a hotel, you probably don’t think about its owner or its history, but if you were to stay at the Grand Budapest Hotel,  such apathy would cause you to miss out on a great story. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” takes place in the Republic of Zubrowka, a fictional eastern European country, during the early ‘30s. The Republic of Zubrowka is under attack from a country that is never named, but identifiable as very evil, with their all-gray uniforms clashing with the candy-colored wor

VHS Drama Department shakes up a tired tale with “Once Upon a Mattress” – The Foothill Dragon Press

The Ventura High School Drama Department turned the tale of “The Princess and the Pea” on its head with their production of “Once Upon a Mattress,” which told a tale of love, friendship, and standing up for yourself. Premiering last night, the play told a different story than the classic fairytale. The main character, Princess Winifred, was a princess who wasn’t consumed with her royalty, and made modern day wise cracks instead of talking like a Medieval English royal, and had new supporting ch

Kibo Sushi a fresh addition to midtown – The Foothill Dragon Press

When I saw the “GRAND OPENING” banner flying outside of the newly opened Kibo Sushi, I was caught off guard. The restaurant seemed to appear out of nowhere, adding excitement to the corner of Borchard and Thompson. As soon as I walked in, one of the hosts led us to a table. They were all very friendly and accommodating. The vibe of the restaurant was a little odd. The building felt like it used to be a fast food restaurant; it’s square-shaped with a long open counter in the front and interesti

Rough start, but “Late Night with Seth Meyers” shows promise – The Foothill Dragon Press

As a long-time fan of Seth Meyers as the host of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, his transition to Late Night was a little hard to watch. The pressure on Meyers was immense. Weekend Update alumni Jimmy Fallon’s time on Late Night ended with a bang, and everyone was expecting Meyers to be just as hilarious and comfortable. As we saw in this first week, it takes a little time for a talk show host to begin to thrive in a new environment. The transition from Weekend Update to a full-fledged

An awkward growth spurt for Broken Bells – The Foothill Dragon Press

Has Broken Bells fallen victim to disco fever? By adding a hint of a new sound, Broken Bells only partially matures with “After the Disco.” Although fairly similar to their last album, “After the Disco” still manages to be a nice album, if only a little flat. Broken Bells is James Mercer of the Shins and power-producer Brian Burton (who also produced this album), better known as Danger Mouse. While Burton’s musical endeavors are too varied to cite his specific sound’s influence on the album, “A

“American Hustle” is an enthralling tale of ’70s con artists – The Foothill Dragon Press

In the same weird way that “Breaking Bad” makes people want to start manufacturing meth, “American Hustle” made me slightly consider becoming a con artist for a split second after I saw the movie. Loosely based on the actual “ABSCAM” scandal of the late ’70s, “American Hustle” captures the sleaziness of the sting operation with a blend of serious and hilarious characters, who were all perfectly costumed. Christian Bale stars as Irving Rosenfeld, a man living a double life as a dry cleaning man

“Catching Fire” captivates with action in a dystopian world – The Foothill Dragon Press

Katniss Everdeen left the 74th Hunger Games as a symbol of hope and defiance of the evil government of Panem, and in “Catching Fire,” she has a new threat: the straight-out-of-an-Orwell-novel Capitol leaders, who view her as a threat to their dystopian society. “Catching Fire” perfectly captured the high stress and fear of the characters and their world, and didn’t waver much from the original book. The costumes and sets were perfect and helped establish the new themes of revolution that weren’

Dr. Dog draws on old work to create best album yet – The Foothill Dragon Press

If you could imagine a “Greatest Hits of Dr. Dog” album comprised of all new material, t hat album would be “B-Room.”  Every album of Dr. Dog’s has a discernibly unique style from the others, while all somehow still being coherent. “B-Room” is a blend of all of the best elements of Dr. Dog’s career of over ten years. Released September 30, the name “B-Room” comes from the studio that built for themselves, where much of the album was recorded.  In terms of style, the album is almost canonical of

Vampire Weekend grows up but retains innovative creativity – The Foothill Dragon Press

When I heard that members of Vampire Weekend announced that their third album would sound “darker” and “more organic” than the first two, I was worried. Their light, happy, “upper-west-side Soweto” sound was what I loved most about them. After I heard the album when it began streaming in iTunes last week, any doubts or worries about it disappeared. “Modern Vampires of the City” is as good an album as either of the previous two, if not even more innovative. After the three years since their las

Top five best movie soundtracks of all time – The Foothill Dragon Press

One of the most overlooked aspects of any great movie is the soundtrack. What you are hearing when the characters aren’t talking is just as important as what you hear when they are. Dialogue may convey information, but a good soundtrack can convey the mood of the whole movie. Compiled below are five of the best movie soundtracks of all time. 1. “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” Set in Depression-era rural Missouri, the soundtrack to “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” is chock full of amazing old folk an